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Read what Pope Francis wrote about Pastoral workers

Pope Francis and the pastoral workers 

Padre Emanuelle Dompierre (Chair)

I’m Emanuelle Dompierre. I joined in 2002 and started my career at CFB Valcartier. I then served 5 years in Cold Lake, 3 in Trenton, 2 years studying at St-Paul’s University in Counselling and Spirituality, and 1 as  the ELRFC’s chaplain. I am currently serving at the 23 CF H Svcs C in Winnipeg, as MH chaplain. I am married to Sebastien Lapointe who is also a serving member. We are the busy parents of 3 children – Guillaume 10, Nathan and Rafaële Lapointe 7 y/o. My main objective for my mandate on the PAs council is to serve you. Sure, I can easily say that but my intent is to show it to you as well. We do have lots of ideas already. Hopefully, some of them will turn into nice and great projects. My main concern though is related to your personal and professional well-being. For me and the team to be aware of how you are doing we need to hear from you. Don’t be surprised if we knock on your door and you are welcome to contact me directly and/or to voice your opinions, ideas, questions and concerns through my other colleagues that are your representatives.

Padre Louis-Martin Lanthier (Vice-chair)

Having worked in the media and the world of the education, I made my entrance in the Canadian Armed Forces In 2009. I had the privilege to be a member of the rear party team to Valcartier during the Afghanistan War. During this period, I worked in several units, among which the 3rd R22R, the 5th RALC and the 5th Battalion of the services of Canada. In 2012, I was moved in the HQ of Long Point to occupy the post of the assistant of the main chaplain of the 2nd Division of Canada. I have been married for 18 years and father am the father of four children (Marie-Catherine, Justine, Félix-Antoine and Victoria). Since the summer of 2015, I have been the chaplain of the 2nd R22R to Valcartier. Starting this August 2016, I will be the Senior Chaplain for 2 CDSB Valcartier. I accepted the invitation to be committee member  PA Council because I believe that when we work together we can drive things forward.

Padre Martin Poëti (Secretary)

Enrolled in the Armed Forces in 2007 and posted to CFB Esquimalt Naval Base for four years, I was deployed to the Arabian Peninsula for six months in 2009. On several occasions, I had the opportunity to supervise the NOK Visits to the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan. I spent my very best and most memorable time in the Armed Forces as a NOK Chaplain. Affected at the Fleet on the west coast upon my return, I had the opportunity to deploy at sea in the Pacific. In Fall 2010, I was one of the two instructors on the Basic Course at the Chaplain School. In 2011, I left Esquimalt for the Military Chaplain School in the position of Course Director where I organized several courses annually in both official languages. In 2013, I offered a lecture on political Confucianism in China at the Université de Sherbrooke (Québec). In 2014, I also offered a lecture on the Quebec founding titled Samuel de Champlain: How Spirituality Can Impact Resilience, Leadership and Change the History of a Nation. For the past four years, I have been teaching a lecture on Religious Freedom and laïcité. In 2015, I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander and posted to Ottawa at the National Defence Head Quarters as policy officer.

Padre Francesca Scorsone (Communications)

As the Liaison for the PA council, I am looking forward to representing you. Starting as a reserve Padre, I served with the GGHG in Toronto. In 2008 I took a class B in Meaford and then a yearlong class B in Petawawa. I transferred to the Reg Force in 2009 and stayed in Petawawa, serving with many different units and deploying out of Edmonton with the 408 Squadron.  Currently I am posted to Halifax and have just returned from a 7 month sail on Op Reassurance. I am now working as the Resource Manager for the Formation Chaplain.  I am looking forward to being on the PA council because it gives me an opportunity to celebrate the role of the Pastoral Associate and to represent the unique charism of PAs in the military. It is my hope that while working on the PA council, we will be able to represent all the PAs in a way that will support the PA ministry and that we will receive the grace to fully and effectively serve you.

Padre Alain Marsan

Captain Alain Marsan is born in Montreal, Quebec. He completed degrees in Accounting (UQAM, 1988), philosophy (Grand Séminaire de Montréal, 1991) and Theology (GSM, 2001). He works as a Pastoral associate in the St. Victor Parish in Montreal (1992), as responsible for youth ministry and faith education for young people and their family. His mandate broadened as Alpha Course leader (1999-2007) and coordinator of parish activities from 2002 to 2008.

Enlisted as a reserve chaplain with the 438 THS Saint-Hubert in 2007, he transferred to the Regular Force in 2009 to serve full time the military and their families. He serves as chaplain unit at CFB Saint-Jean, primarily for CFLRS, at CFB Montreal (2010), at the 5th CMBG Valcartier in 2013 (1R22R) and as assistant chaplain for the Senior Chaplain of 2nd Div CA 2015. He was on a mission 10 weeks in summer 2011 in Cyprus for the TLD of the ROTO 3-10 and 6 months in a US military hospital at Landstuhl in Germany (2012-13). He began his Masters in Counselling and Spirituality at Saint Paul University in fall 2016.