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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Chapel (Comox)

September 17th, 2017


Twenty-Fourth Sunday of the Time of the Church



Sunday Mass:  @ 1000 hours 


Weekday Masses:  Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 1100 hours




Today’s mass

Today’s mass will be celebrated in particular for Évelyne Pasetka, offered by her loving husband Thomas Pasetka.


Next Week's Readings:

Isaiah, chap. 55, vs 6 – 9.

Philippians, chap. 1, vs 20 – 27.

Matthew, chap. 20, vs 1 – 6.




Upcoming 2017 Designated Collection:

Sunday September 24, 2017 -  Needs of the Canadian Church



Study Program


Priest, Prophet, King: Jesus is the Anointed One – the ultimate priest, prophet and king foreshadowed throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Join us as we deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ through Fr. Robert Barron’s DVD-based Study Program: Priest, Prophet, King.

Explore the biblical archetypes of priest, prophet and king and see how Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of each one. Throughout this experience, you will better understand who Jesus really is and also realize your own priestly, prophetic and kingly mission.

Each theme has 2 sessions of about 90 minutes. 20 minutes of video and then some directed discussions. It is my intention to start this study program in October. Please tell me if you would be interested to know more about the faith you are living every day.

There are only 12 spaces available so watch for it.


Sacrament for the Sick - coming very soon - watch & listen for it. 




Parish Council Meetings: All are invited to come and "witness" what we do - Council may compose a handful of people, but all representing you.  All Parishioners welcome to come to any Council meeting to witness in full.  Next Council meeting is October 12th, 2017 at the Rose Annex.


It is time to renew the parish counsel. Two things I would like to mention, here.

First, one of my heaviest flaws resides in the fact that I am shyer than I look. If I can deliver an instruction or a homily without too much problem, it is very difficult for me to ask someone personally about taking a responsibility that would serve the community. So chances are: I will not do that. But others in the counsel could. Be open to their request.

Second, we have to remember that we are a community. We cannot say on one hand that we care about it and pretend that we are not needed when the time comes to step up. Many Christian communities suffer from the same disease: ATS, also known as “Always The Same”, which means that the same people are always doing many things. As a result: they get tired, disgruntled and burnt out. My hope is that each individual undertaking a responsibility will only have ONE thing to do. This way, nobody gets tired, and everybody can enjoy the community life. Food for thoughts. Padre Bastien Leclerc 

COUNCIL POSITION ELECTIONS - October 1st, 2017.  The chapel & its community cannot run itself; your volunteer assistance is needed.  Only our actions can testify how important our chapel is to us.  We need to share in our desire to make it all run.  Please advise us how you can help in a council position.  Council positions available for election are as follows, and must be filled:
Secretary  - Basically making minutes of council meetings (1/mth) and agenda preparation
Chair -  Basically to chair meetings and ensure follow-up of action items by council members.
Vice Chair - Basically a backup to chair duties when chair not available.
Treasurer - Basically to oversee spending over budget performance, reporting performance through the year and facilitating budget estimates for the next year.  Tax submissions if able.
Voting Member (x 4) - Basically to assess logic in ideas &/or motions and vote for or against, in order to ensure council acting for best interest.  
Next Council Executive Meeting: (following elections - new council) is October 11th, 2017 @ 1500 hrs in the Wing Chaplain's office.
Next Council Meeting (following elections - new council) is October 12th, 2017 @ 1500hrs in the Rose Annex.



Readings - Starting September 17th, 2017, first reading in French, second reading in English and Psalm by Choir with congregation's support & participation.



Memorial Service for Gary Thompson, late husband of Monique Thompson, Saturday September 30th, 2017 @ 1400 hrs @ 888 Wing.  Dress Casual.
September 17th, 2017 potluck - CANCELLED. 
Next Potluck on October 29th, 2017. We hope to have a Thanksgiving theme for that event. Everyone is welcome.


Thanks to the generosity of all OLSH parishioners, OLSH has succeeded in contributing $6,750 to local charities in the Comox Valley, as follows:
  • CV Food Bank, 4 Square Church Soup Kitchen, Sonshine Club Soup Kitchen, and St Vincent de Paul, each for $1,200, and 
  • L'Arche, Justice Centre, and Hospice Society, each for $650


Did you know that...

We have a Suggestion Box at the back of the chapel? Feel free to make suggestions.





Bulletin: The bulletin is normally printed on Thursdays afternoon. Please send any announcements to Fr. Bastien or Wayne Webb (email to.tiggr@gmail.com) no later than Thursday noon, for consolidation. NOTE: There will be a summer break from bulletins. They will resume in the fall.



Weekly Invitation: Many parishioners gather at the Wing Dining hall immediately following mass to greet, share and break bread together. All welcomed to join in. Breakfast menu is only approximately $6.00 and lunch menu only $12 and change. Come and join us.





2017 Designated Collections:

  • Sunday April 02, 2017 -  Share Lent
  • Friday April 14, 2017 -  Good Friday (Church of the Holy Land)
  • Sunday May 21, 2017 -  Pope's Pastoral Works
  • Sunday September 24, 2017 -  Needs of the Canadian Church
  • Sunday October 22, 2017  -  Evangelization of Nations (Mission Sunday)



  "WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, many web sites are available that offer the opportunity to donate funds to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish.  While one site is reputable, none are recommended for use.  Most others are neither advocated nor trusted sites.  Therefore, PLEASE DONATE ONLY BY CHEQUE to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish, 19 Wing Comox, PO Box 1000 Station Main, Lazo BC V0R 2K0.  Please note that Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish take no responsibility for donations made on-line, nor do we have a means to recognize your donation on-line.  With a cheque containing your name and mailing address, we will most certainly recognize any donations greater than $20 with a tax receipt at year's end."