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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Chapel (Comox)

November 26th, 2017




Sunday Mass:  @ 1000 hours 



Weekday Masses: Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 1100 hours


Weekly Mass schedule (always at 11.00 am)

Tuesday: Ferial (regular mass)

Thursday: St. Andrew, Apostle.


Next Week’s Readings:

Isaiah, chap. 63, vs 16 – chap. 64, vs 8.

1 Corinthians, chap. 1, vs 3 – 9.

Mark, chap. 13, vs 33 – 37.



Hoilday Schedule:

This year due to Christmas and New Year falling on a Monday, we are facing a bit of a situation when it comes to scheduling. However, we have guidelines that we are called to follow. There fore, here is the schedule:

Sunday December 24th  1000 hours Mass 4th Sunday of Advent

Sunday December 24th  1700 hours Christmas Eve Mass

Monday December 25th  1000 hours Christmas Day Mass

Sunday December 31st   1200 hours Mass: The Holy Family of                                                            Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Monday January 1st        1000 hours Liturgy of the Word: Mary,

                                                                      Mother of God                                                        - Deacon Daniel presiding

Sunday January 8th       1000 hours Liturgy of the Word

Sunday January 15th     1000 hours Liturgy of the Word




Sacristy Policy:

It is quite common that people come to the sacristy right before mass to talk business and see if I would agree to do this or that. However, during that last 15 minutes before mass, I do my final review for the Sunday texts, making sure that I have the right quotes when I come in front of you for the homily. This is why I have decided that, for now on, the sacristy will be off limits on the last 15 minutes before mass. Only the people who are directly involved for the celebration (sacristan, readers, servants, etc.) will be allowed to come in. No parish business will be discussed during that time.


Christmas Decorations:

After experiencing last year’s chaos about Christmas Decorations, I have decided that I would have none of that this year. We will decorate the chapel on the first Sunday of Advent completely. This way, we can enjoy our decorations for the whole Christmas season.

And talking about decorations, it would be fun if everyone would bring ONE Christmas decoration from home to put on our Christmas tree on the SECOND Sunday (mind you, it would be fine if you’d bring it on the First Sunday as well). Make sure your name is on it somewhere so you don’t lose it when we undo the decorations after the holidays.


Candlelight Service:

The CWL is kindly inviting us to A Pre-Christmas Candle Service. The service will be held Friday 8 December 2017 at 1900 hours (07:00 pm) in the RC Chapel on the Base. The intent will be to help us create a meaningful place inside, where Our Lord's arrival can be cradled, before we become stressed out by the various demands of the season.

Hopefully this Candlelight Service will provide us with a restful hour as well as an increased awareness of Advent.





The Canadian Military Wives Choirs of Comox is inviting us to their Third Annual Concert and Carols at St. Michael’s and all Angels chapel on Sunday, 10 December 2017 at 1400 (2.00 pm) right after our Potluck. It will be followed by their famous Bake Sale.



Next Potluck:

Our next potluck will be held on Sunday 10 December, right after mass at the Rose Annex.


Celebration of Reconciliation:

I have not forgotten this celebration this year. You should have the date of that celebration very soon.


Chapel Community Relocation:

I suspect that you thought that the subject went dormant and forgotten by 19 Wing. Well…no. This last week, we were called by the Construction Engineers to review the plans for the move to the Protestant chapel, soon to be a multi-faith chapel or worship centre. This is very likely our last Christmas in this chapel. We will probably also celebrate Easter in this chapel as well. But after that, the big move will need to happen.

But even before that, other moves will need to happen as well. For instance, while the Protestant chapel is being renovated and adapted to its new functions, the community of St. Michael and All Angels will need a place to worship. Chances are that they might use our facilities, which involves a possible change about time of mass. We will keep you informed of any changes in that regard.




Study Program


Priest, Prophet, King: Jesus is the Anointed One – the ultimate priest, prophet and king foreshadowed throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Join us as we deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ through Fr. Robert Barron’s DVD-based Study Program: Priest, Prophet, King.

Explore the biblical archetypes of priest, prophet and king and see how Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of each one. Throughout this experience, you will better understand who Jesus really is and also realize your own priestly, prophetic and kingly mission.

Each theme has 2 sessions of about 90 minutes. 20 minutes of video and then some directed discussions. It is my intention to start this study program in October. Please tell me if you would be interested to know more about the faith you are living every day.

We will start our first meeting on January 21st, 2018.


Mass for Sacrament of the Sick Ritual : The World Sunday of the Sick will be the 11th of February 2018. On that occasion, our mass will be special as it will include the Sacrament of the Sick for people who would feel the need to receive it. 




Parish Council Meetings: All are invited to come and "witness" what we do - Council may compose a handful of people, but all representing you.  All Parishioners welcome to come to any Council meeting to witness in full.  


Parish Council Elections Results:
Chairperson: Tom Miles
D/Chairperson: Dominique Brose
Treasurer: Wayne Webb
Administrator: Irene Miles
Voting Members: Pat Muldowney
                         Bob Bergeron
                         Judy Borden
                         Ami Anderson
Extra Voter:       Robert Pearson

A Message on Volunteerism

…from the outgoing Council Chair.

Our chapel is blessed with many volunteers (thanks be to God), yet many among them risk burnout for taking on too much just to ensure the chapel runs as beautifully as it does, and all the many "little things" get done. This should not be the case; for most things, no "talent" is needed - just the will to volunteer a small measure of time and effort (not always physical, not always mental).

If we as a community love our parish community and how it runs, we all equally take ownership in our obligation to volunteer help in some form or another. It can be any array of the following (non-exhaustive) and we need everyone to contribute to one or another. Many hands make light work and beautiful harmony, and no one burns out. Please consider where you can help through benevolent volunteerism, and offer yourself to Father Bastien or council chair (Tom Miles).

Here are a few areas to consider:

* RC rep for unification stained glass window - soliciting for & collecting ideas from parishioners on design ideas, bringing them to the joint committee & working with that committee (as a rep therein) to propose a top three choices for vote of both chapel communities and Chaplain office.

* Social Rep - needed to coord the bi-monthly pot lucks, the annual parish picnic, etc..

* Social Helpers - to set up Annex hall for social events. Or to volunteer to work the events

* Choir paricipation

* Readers (English, French)

* Readers sched coord

* Eucharistic ministries (including home visits to the sick & shut-ins)

* Eucharistic minister sched coord

* Ushers/greeters

* Collection volunteers

* money-counting/verifying volunteers (just to be a second count)

* chapel flowers helper

* Decorating/un-decorating coord (Advent/Easter)

* Chapel General Safety & Fire Warden volunteer

* Knights of Columbus committee Rep

* CWL committee Rep

* Coord for weekly announcements

* Religious Education volunteer coord - adults

* Religious Education and/or activities coord - children

* Parish Council positions (when needing renewal) - most positions very simple.

* Representing OLSH at the (Saturday morn) Soup Kitchen (one Sat per month)

Please consider what "you" can do to give to your chapel community to ensure the best running chapel with minimal work for any one person. Everyone's help makes a huge difference for everyone




Readings - Starting September 17th, 2017, first reading in French, second reading in English and Psalm by Choir with congregation's support & participation.



Thanks to the generosity of all OLSH parishioners, OLSH has succeeded in contributing $6,750 to local charities in the Comox Valley, as follows:
  • CV Food Bank, 4 Square Church Soup Kitchen, Sonshine Club Soup Kitchen, and St Vincent de Paul, each for $1,200, and 
  • L'Arche, Justice Centre, and Hospice Society, each for $650




Did you know that...

We have a Suggestion Box at the back of the chapel? Feel free to make suggestions.


 A Thank You Note:

Hello Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Thank you so much for participating in Operation Baby Bottle this year! Your church gave $651.70 We keep track of statistics: Overall client visits and new clients. So far this year we have had 143 overall client visits plus 60 new clients. We ran a New Mum's Group and a Post Abortion Recovery Group as well as 1 on 1 Grief Counselling for mothers who have lost their babies. We are gearing up for our School Presentations and have already received 3 more invitations to new classrooms. We are so thankful for your partnership and your covering in prayer. We feel your prayers every day we meet with clients. We could not and would not want to do this ministry alone. God Bless you, and please send our heartfelt thanks to your congregation. Sincerely, 

                                                  Board, Staff & Volunteers

                                              Comox Valley Pregnancy Care Centre




Bulletin: The bulletin is normally printed on Thursdays afternoon. Please send any announcements to Fr. Bastien or Wayne Webb (email to.tiggr@gmail.com) no later than Thursday noon, for consolidation. NOTE: There will be a summer break from bulletins. They will resume in the fall.



Weekly Invitation: Many parishioners gather at the Wing Dining hall immediately following mass to greet, share and break bread together. All welcomed to join in. Breakfast menu is only approximately $6.00 and lunch menu only $12 and change. Come and join us.





2017 Designated Collections:

  • Sunday April 02, 2017 -  Share Lent
  • Friday April 14, 2017 -  Good Friday (Church of the Holy Land)
  • Sunday May 21, 2017 -  Pope's Pastoral Works
  • Sunday September 24, 2017 -  Needs of the Canadian Church
  • Sunday October 22, 2017  -  Evangelization of Nations (Mission Sunday)



  "WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, many web sites are available that offer the opportunity to donate funds to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish.  While one site is reputable, none are recommended for use.  Most others are neither advocated nor trusted sites.  Therefore, PLEASE DONATE ONLY BY CHEQUE to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish, 19 Wing Comox, PO Box 1000 Station Main, Lazo BC V0R 2K0.  Please note that Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish take no responsibility for donations made on-line, nor do we have a means to recognize your donation on-line.  With a cheque containing your name and mailing address, we will most certainly recognize any donations greater than $20 with a tax receipt at year's end."