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The Roman Catholic Military Ordinariate of Canada is a diocese of massive dimensions: it extends not only in our country from sea to sea but also throughout the world, indeed wherever Canadian Armed Forces personnel are deployed in peacekeeping or peacemaking operations. This website is therefore a concrete and innovative response to this unique pastoral reality: it seek to act as a new tool and social medium that will make distance inconsequential, helping to bring the people of God and all seekers together by the mere touch of a button. 

As the Bishop of this diocese, I would like to encourage all those who may wish to reach us in order to seek and/or share information to use this website. Whatever the reason, it is my hope that all interaction through this website will bring new life and creativity to our diocese in matters of life, faith and outreach to friends in Christ.

Latest News


BGen Chapedelaine: Building Resilience While Fighting Violent Extremism

Clink on the link for accessing the speech of the Chaplain General at the Intercultural Dialogue Institute of Ottawa

Resilience While Fighting Violent Extremism


Prayer of the Chaplain General at the occasion of the Remembrance Day Celebration

For some, this is a time of prayer.
For others, it is a time of quiet contemplation.
Whichever this time is for you, may we turn our thoughts together, now,
to why it is that we are gathered here.
May these words that I speak, help you, in your own way, to remember:
God, Creator of all,
As we stand here in this hallowed place of remembrance,
Our hearts bear the weight of grief and pain
caused by the wars we remember from years gone by,
and by those that still rage across our world today.
From coast to coast to coast we come, each of us from different backgrounds, beliefs and traditions,
yet joined together, we are as one  in this shared time of remembrance.
We give thanks for the men and women of every generation
who have served this nation
at sea, on the land, and in the skies.
Their names are etched on our hearts,
On stone and bronze,
On faded plaques in schools and places of worship,
In wooden frames in town halls,
On monuments in quiet parks.
Today, we do not pass them by;
Today, we stop, we pause, and we remember them.
We bring to mind all those who bear the scars of war
in their bodies, in their minds, and in their souls.
We remember all those whose lives have been shattered
by what they have seen and done,
or by what they have witnessed, and felt helpless to prevent.
We grieve that for some,
They have felt no other option but to end their lives,
Rather than continue to struggle with the deep pain that they feel.
Give us eyes to see those among us who suffer still,
Create in us the willingness to support them in their struggle to find healing,
and the strength to reassure them in our words and our actions.
We pray for Her Majesty the Queen,
our Governor General and our Prime Minister,
our Chief Justice,
and for the Ministers of National Defence and Veteran’s Affairs.
We pray for the Chief of the Defence Staff,
and all others who serve in positions of authority,
that they may have the wisdom and the courage required
to give leadership in these challenging times.
God of mercy, God of peace,
We pray finally for ourselves:
that we may go from this place,
resolved to do all that we can
to follow the good example of those who have gone before us.
May we, in our own families and communities,
strive to practice reconciliation, understanding and peace each day.
May we continue to build a nation
where our differences are embraced as strengths,
where our workplaces are free from harassment and discrimination,
and where we are resolved to seek the wellbeing
of all peoples who make this land home,
as well as all those who have made this land both home and place of refuge.
Keep ever before us the dream of a world
in which war will become just a faded memory,
That the sacrifices we have remembered today
may not have been made in vain;
so that the extraordinary price paid in flesh and blood
may finally bring about that day
when all people of every nation might
enjoy the peace and freedom
that you wish for all creation.
This we pray, in your Holy Name.
Guy Chapdelaine CD, QHC
Brigadier general
Chaplain General Canadian Armed Forces



Father Guy Chapdelaine at Salt + Light TV

Father Guy Chapdelaine, Chaplain General of the Canadian Armed Forces and originally from the Archdiocese of Sherbrooke, appeared on the television program, Église en sortie, with Francis Denis from seletlumieretv.org.

Interview of Father Guy Chapdelaine (in French)




Bishop McCraig: 1st military baptisms!

Bishop McCaig recently celebrated his first episcopal and first military baptisms! On 12 June, on the decks of HMCS MONTREAL, he welcomed Aubrey Leroux and Jackson Francis into the Catholic Church.  Bishop McCaig enjoyed his experience and the sailors and families were delighted to have their bishop aboard.  Padres Francesca Scorsone and Tim Parker were pleased to assist.


Ordination of new Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada

The ordination of the Most Reverend Scott McCaig, C.C., as Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada has taken place on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, at 7:30 p.m., at Notre-Dame Cathedral-Basilica of Ottawa. The Most Reverend Terrence Prendergast, S.J., Archbishop of Ottawa, has presided as the principal ordaining Bishop, along with the Most Reverend Christian Riesbeck, C.C., Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa, and the Most Reverend Donald J. Thériault, Bishop Emeritus of the Military Ordinariate of Canada, as co-consecrators. The Most Reverend Luigi Bonazzi, Apostolic Nuncio, was also present.


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